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Welcome to Savour at Home – Where Every Meal is a Masterpiece

Dive into the art of gourmet cooking right in your kitchen with Savour at Home. Our expertly curated meal kits and live cooking classes bring the sophistication of a fine dining restaurant to your dining table. Experience the joy of cooking and dining on exquisite meals, crafted by you with a little help from our top chefs.

How It Works (3 Steps):

  1. Select Your Kit or Class: Browse our selection of gourmet meal kits or sign up for a live cooking class. Choose based on cuisine, difficulty level, or chef recommendation.

  2. Delivered to Your Doorstep: Get all you need—fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and detailed recipe cards delivered directly to your home.

  3. Cook, Learn, and Enjoy: Follow along with our easy-to-use guides or tune in to a live cooking session to learn new skills. Then, sit back and enjoy your culinary creation!



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